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        The Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education (DFSME) is a business-education-community-government partnership dedicated to catalyzing Delaware's preparation of a globally competitive workforce with mathematics, science, engineering and technology skills second to none. The Foundation advocates for adoption of world-class standards; enables the exploration, evaluation, adaptation, and implementation of innovative and effective STEM programs in Delaware public schools; and focuses on improving the performance of all Delaware students so that they all finish high school ready for college, careers, and success in the global economy.
Our Mission
Delaware, with DFSME's help, is among the leaders in those making gains in science proficiency for its students. It is in the national spotlight as a leader in science assessment tools. Delaware is also considered to be exemplary in its 
economical logistical management of inquiry-based science kits. 

Founded in 1995, DFSME is nationally recognized for its leadership in science reform. DFSME staff and board members have served as faculty for the annual National Symposium on Science Education for Business Leaders held by the National Science Resources Center in Washington D.C.

While continuing with science reform, in 2005 DFSME  began to place higher emphasis on mathematics proficiency. The partnership identified and piloted a curriculum used by several of the countries that are among the top ten in the world 

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by Brandywine School District, the second largest district in the state.Most recently, Seaford has become the second school district to impletement the curriculum district wide by adopting Math in Focus, a U.S. adaptation of the Singapore Math curriculum.

STEM education--an integration of science, technology, engineering and math--is the foundation's most recent focus. In its role as a reformer in science and math education, DFSME realized early on that the sciences and mathematics do not exist independently of each other nor of technology and engineering. With Delaware's--and the rest of the nation's--growing understanding of these interrelationships, DFSME has continued to play a major role. The foundation's executive director and a number of its board members serve on the Governor's STEM Education Council. DFSME is also involved in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education, the National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions, and the National Science Resources Center.
in math achievement. The curriculum, Singapore Math, continues to be used in the pilot schools and has been adopted district-wide in grades K-6 
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