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  • Catalyze all schools to produce a globally competitive workforce with STEM skills second to none.

  • Advocate the adoption of world-class standards and innovative pedagogy using best practices. 
  • Provide guidance and seek support for the piloting, evaluation, adaptation, and implementation of innovative, effective STEM programs in Delaware.

  • Improve the performance of all Delaware students so they finish high school ready for careers, higher education, and success in the global economy.
Our Mission
Our Vision to Action
Advocating the importance of STEM
  • What STEM encompasses
  • How to present STEM

Communicating Delaware’s STEM successes
  • Existing programs in STEM
  • Jobs in Technology

Coordinating the elements of systemic STEM education reform
  • Effective STEM education for everyone
  • Unite like-minded people through gatherings, panels, exhibitions and symposia

Improve the effectiveness of existing STEM resources and programs
  • Clearly define STEM’s sustainable impact
  • Get individuals and groups to help improve the STEM education process
Our Background & Achievements
Focusing initially on science education, DFSME introduced the concept of hands-on science instruction to a group of volunteer school districts across the state. We have grown from science to STEM, and have become a national leader in improving instructional effectiveness. Our programs have been replicated by other states are offered by the State Department of Education as examples of improving STEM education. Read more here.
Our People
Our Board and Staff consists of business, community and education leaders who are passionate about advocating for quality STEM education for our future generation. Get to know a little more about them here.