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DFSME Achievements

  • Brought business support to public school programs in math and science

  • Worked with the State Department of Education to introduce systemic change in STEM education areas

  • Brought legislative attention to problems and needs affecting the public school sector

  • Worked with DE institutions of higher education to address issues in teacher education

  • Identified, piloted and supported a world-class math curriculum now in place in school districts, charter schools and private schools throughout Delaware

  • Garnered support resulting in the updating of elementary teacher certification standards

  • Introduced curriculum at Wilmington University that enhances teachers’ math literacy and best practices—now a requirement for the College of Education’s elementary program

  • Supported the alignsment of Delaware’s science curriculum with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards

  • Identified statewide needs in STEM education

  • Founded the Delaware Science Coalition and Delaware Math Coalition

  • Helped the Delaware STEM Council bring programs and events to Delaware students and teachers